StoneKAST uses a unique technique combined with the highest quality raw materials to create its distinctive range of exclusive baths. Find out how each bath is carefully crafted below.

Grading Raw Materials

1StoneKAST baths are constructed from limestone, which is first processed to remove any impurities. A fine mesh, along with extremely powerful magnets, is used to remove any contaminants leaving only the highest grade of limestone.


2The next step is to blend the limestone with a high-grade resin compound to create the patented StoneKAST material. This mixture is then subjected to a high vacuum environment, which removes any unwanted air bubbles.


3Once out of the vacuum, a catalyst is added to the mixture to begin the hardening process before it is poured into a closed mould. A temperature-controlled environment allows the mixture to cure before the top half of the mould is removed mechanically. The bath is now in the ‘Green State’, ready for post curing.


Waste and Overflow

4At this point the bath is removed from the mould so that the waste and overflow outlets can be drilled using diamond tipped hole saws.

Post Curing

5With the bottom half of the mould still attached to the bath to prevent any twisting or warping during the process, the bath is hung by the rim and passed through a tunnel oven for three hours. The heat from the oven fully hardens the limestone and resin mixture to the shape of the mould ready for its final stages of preparation.

Quality Assurance Procedures

6In the penultimate stage, the surface is inspected for defects and the bath is thoroughly tested to ensure there is uniform thickness throughout.


7Following the Quality Assurance inspection, each bath is cleaned and polished to an extremely high standard.




Finally, there is one last detailed check to guarantee the bath is ready to be securely packaged and delivered to its new owner.